What to expect

Each group and session is unique and our therapists respond to the needs of the participants. Here are some things you can expect:

  • A no pressure environment
  • Space to be creative, expressive and connect with others musically
  • Opportunities to reflect and share in a supportive space

When services are being offered remotely, you might choose to

  • play your own instruments, including body percussion and voice
  • sing
  • share and listen to favourite or meaningful pieces of music together
  • discuss music and lyrics
  • explore music technology such as readily available phone apps
  • discuss how music can support wellbeing at home
  • take part in music relaxation and mindfulness activities
  • compose music or write songs

You might have other suggestions of how you would like to use music in your sessions too and of course the zoom sessions will also be an opportunity to connect and receive support.

Find out more about accessing our services here.